A Delphi-Based Approach for Analysing the Resilience Level of Local Goverments in a Regional Context

Miguel Ramirez de la Huerga, Victor A. Bañuls, Pilar Ortiz Calderon, Rocio Ortiz Calderon.

Proceedings of the 17th ISCRAM Conference – Blacksburg, VA, USA May 2020.

This article shows the research process carried out by Regional Government of southern Europe, with more than 8 million citizens, to create an Information System to serve as a diagnostic and certification model for the resilience level of the municipalities of that region. This Information System will allow the local authorities of the regional governments to know in what situation they are and what they should do to improve their resilience level.

The research framework is based on the best practices in urban resilience. One of the relevant characteristics of the work is the integration of the knowledge of a very heterogeneous group of experts for the identification of the special needs of the target region that has been articulated through a Delphi process.

Full article: http://idl.iscram.org/files/miguelramirezdelahuerga/2020/2257_MiguelRamirezdelaHuerga_etal2020.pdf