MSIG transfers innovation to the platform ‘’Banco de Proyectos para Emprender’’

Last 30th November 2017, the presentation of the platform ‘’Banco de Proyectos Empresariales para Emprender’’ (Undertaking Business Projects Bank, website only in Spanish), was held in Seville (Spain). It was delivered by Gaspar Llanes, Secretary General of the Regional Ministry of Economy and President of the public foundation Andalucía Emprende, together with José Manuel Feria, Vice-Chancellor of the area of Employability and Entrepreneurship at Pablo de Olavide University and Juan Borrego, territorial delegate for the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment in Seville.

This platform has been promoted by Andalucía Emprende, public foundation from the Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, and it has been developed by the management consulting organization Sinergy (website only in Spanish). This platform integrates 500 different project guidelines that provide basic information concerning to a business of any kind and 600 real examples of entrepreneurial success, which have been selected and identified in order to provide a benchmark, for those who wish to undertake any business.

This platform integrates a tool to assess business opportunities that are more likely to be successful in each of the municipalities within the Spanish region Andalucía, as well as identifying beforehand the municipalities where a particular activity will result in greater viability.

The technology of this tool has been provided by MSIG, in the course of its professional activity as spin-off of Pablo de Olavide University, and from the outcomes obtained in the research of cross-impact methods led by Víctor Bañuls, Professor’s research group. This tool evaluates the elements of a particular business opportunity in Business Model Canvas. It also forecast the probability to success at any specific location, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of any proposal.