III APROSIP conference on comprehensive security in strategic sectors

III APROSIP conference

Vicente Guzmán Fluja, Rector of Pablo de Olavide University, and Emilio de Llera Suárez-Bárcena, Councillor for the Regional Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs, opened the 3rd Conference 2017 about ‘’Comprehensive security in strategic sectors’’ of the Andalusian Association APROSIP (Association of Private Directors, Technicians, Security Chiefs and Researchers).

This conference was held on Tuesday 31st January at Pablo de Olavide University. This meeting was constituted by specialists on the field of public and private security in organizations, as Junta de Andalucía, Regional Government of Andalusia, the Spanish National Center for the Protection of Infrastructures and Cybersecurity (known in Spanish as CNPIC), the Spanish National Police, the Spanish military police Guardia Civil, EMANASESA, company for water supply and sanitation in Seville, the Association of Andalusian Private Detectives and AENOR, Spanish Standards and Certification Association.

Thus, the conference involved the participation of distinguished rapporteurs or experts as the Head of Services for Internal Security of the Andalusian Regional Government, Rafael Cantueso Burguillos; the Head of Services for Planning and Security at CNPIC, José Luís Perez Pajuelo; the Security Manager of EMASESA, José Antonio Román Begines; the Head of Delegation in Andalusia of ANEROR, Antonio Pérez Carreño; and Manuel Guzmán Guerrero, on behalf of the Association of Private Detectives in Andalusia. The first part of the conference was focused on security in strategic sectors from different approaches: public administration, critical infrastructures and water sector. In this regard, José Antonio Román explained how the company EMASESA levers CIASS technology provided by MSIG, for the purpose of conducting a dynamic analysis of the interdependences between water supply infrastructures and other strategic sectors.

The expert also explained how MISSION TRACK software may be useful for companies when planning, supporting operational development and ensuring effective assessment in emergency drills. The second part of the conference covered such topics as standardization and certification in the field of security and risks management, as well as the outcomes from private research that contribute to integral security.

This event has been organized by the Andalusian Association APROSIP, in collaboration with the Master Program on Integrated Management System, and the training courses on Security Manager and Private Detective, which are represented by Antonio Laguillo Cadenas, Víctor A. Bañuls Silvera, Fátima Vallet Colchero and Eugenio Pizarro Moreno respectively, at Pablo de Olavide University.