Challenges of emergency management digital transformation in Industrial Parks

Renán T. Rodríguez , Víctor A. Bañuls
Proceedings of the ISCRAM Asia Pacific Conference 2022

Industrial parks are economic drivers of the cities where they are located. These parks are constantly at risk of catastrophe due to the diversity of industries and the dangerous materials used in their production processes. Despite this constant threat, there is a digitization shortfall in the emergency management process in industrial parks. This research paper seeks to describe the importance of digital transformation in industrial parks, as well as, how information systems can contribute to proper emergency management. Based on the preliminary analysis of the literature, it was possible to determine how the implementation of an emergency system would facilitate the prevention of catastrophes according to the analysis of scenarios, simulation, management, and proper coordination of emergencies in real-time. However, the proper functioning of this system depends on the implementation of environmental innovation, exploration, and observation skills, without neglecting the commitment of organizations and their material, human and technological resources to achieve a significant change.

This research is funded within the framework of the action "Platform for Smart Business Parks" (Smart Business Park Management Platform-SBP)-Expte. 17541/2021 Service for the development of a new technological solution that allows the modeling, simulation, and intelligent management of emergencies in the business parks of Alcalá de Guadaíra, promoted by the City Council of Alcalá de Guadaira, within the framework of the multi-regional operational program of Spain 2014 -2020.