A Delphi approach for the establishment of the fundamental principles of an Organizational Security System in Public Administration

Victor A. Bañuls, Rafael Cantueso Burguillos, Fernando Tejedor Panchón, Miguel I. Ramirez de la Huerga, Murray Turoff
Proceedings of the 16th ISCRAM Conference – València, Spain May 2019

The aim of this work is defining fundamental principles of an Internal Security System in the presence of intentional risks in Public Administration. The relevance of this object of study has increased even more with the emergence of new terrorist groups and the proliferation of organized crime, which have been categorized as a maximum threat to Security by the government. This context has led to new regulations and legislation on Security matters at the national and international level to protect assets, people and the activity of the Administration itself.Despite the large number of regulations and relevance of this topic, there is not any study which defines in a comprehensive manner the requirements that a security system must have in the presence of intentional risks in Public Administration. The results of this work are intended to be a reference for the Public Administration, for the prevention and reaction to damage to people, property, and operation, intentionally caused by external agents, personnel themselves or users. These principles have been applied and validated through a Delphi process in the Administration of the Regional Government of Andalusia in which more than 40 security-related managers have participated.

Full article: http://idl.iscram.org/files/victorabanulssilvera/2019/1938_VictorA.BanulsSilvera_etal2019.pdf