Organizations are facing threats which can cause great damage and jeopardize its viability. Hence, they must be prepared beforehand to respond effectively by elaborating action plans to limit damage propagation. Nevertheless, this emergency response plans are presented in different formats, such as documents or data sheets that show little effectiveness at an emergency situation by making it impossible to respond in an effective manner.

MISSION TRACK is a system aimed at helping operational deployment, monitoring and controlling mission critical systems. It integrates the following functions:

  • The system provides the notification of an incident detected by any observer through an application (app) by reporting the magnitude of the incident, the number of possible victims and its geolocation.
  • The coordinator, who receives a notification of the alert in the app, takes the decision to activate the planned response program based on the information and location of the incident. • In case of activation, the system sends an alert to all members of the emergency response teams, who must confirm their availability.
  • The system sends to each member of the response team the instructions of the planned response program and the location of the incident.
  • The system allows the emergency control to monitor the location of the intervention teams’ members, as well as tracking the progress of the response.
  • The head of the intervention team informs the emergency control of each of the steps completed in the action plan through the app.
  • The system automatically records not only the progress time of each intervention status (arrival at the location, start, control and end of the intervention), but also each step of the action plan by facilitating the subsequent evaluation of the emergency.

Additionally, the functions of MISSION TRACK make it a very suitable tool to use it for planning, developing and drills assessing in order to train the teams of the Emergency and Self-Protection Plan.

MSIG is an Official Partner of MISSION TRACK, and colaborates in its implementatiom.